The Wake-Up Memorial

The Wake-Up Memorial

The Wake Up! Memorial

as a dynamic platform for commemorative interventions – open to react on current development

  • The AIDS Memorial (2002)
  • The Tsunami Memorial (2004)
  • The RRF Project (2003-2006)
  • (self)-portrait – artists for Peace (2006)
  • ://self~imaging – artists against Populism and Intolerance (2015)
  • The 1 Minute Before 12 Memorial 2020 // Wake Up! – Climate Change! // The Rainforest Memorial 2003// Contaminated Progress (2019)

would like to sensitize and activate people for social, cultural, political and ecological issues via art. Commemorating as a perspective for the future!
Its initiator, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne was founding already in 2000 – A Virtual Memorial Foundation as a platform for commemorating the Future, by commemorating Present and PAST.

While “The Wake-Up! Memorial” was initiated in 2015 in order to activate the artists to show face against most recent social, cultural or political developments via the commemorative context
://self~imaging for Peace & Humanity, it started actually already when Agricola de Cologne released in in 2002 The AIDS Memorial, dedicated to the victims of AIDS, 2003 – The Rainforest Memorial, dedicated to the endangered natural environment on EARTH, and 2004 The TSUNAMI Memorial, dedicated to the victims of this natural disaster. Not only nowadays in 2019, but already 2003 and much earlier, the survival of rainforst – the natural environment on Earth was endangered seriously, and meanwhile the situation turned to the worst – the new commemorative context “Wake Up! – Climate Change! is reacting on the current state of general awareness.

The AIDS Memorial
was launched on December 1, 2001, World AIDS Day, and is dedicated to the victims of AIDS, and in particular to all artists who have died from AIDS, but also to anyone who suffers from HIV or to the onset of the disease AIDS have died.

The RRF Project
It’s about the big topic, how to deal with memory. The first “R” is standing for “remembering”, the second “R” for repressing”, and the “F” is standing for “forgetting”.
This project featuring more than 350 artist from different disciplines, running since 2003 about 3 years – being presented more than 60 times all all over the world- was dealing with essential questions of human existence while facing increasing violence in society and the 2003 beginning Iraq war. Yes, how to deal properly with the memory of violence!

self / portrait – artist for peace
a show for peace -a show for Bethlehem
More than 10 years ago, from 2006 to 2007, Agricola de Cologne produced an exhibition of self-portraits of artists, with which they set the flag for peace, and through reference to Bethlehem, a multi-symbolic place in human history Birth of Jesus is of particular importance, especially for peace between Palestinians and Israelis. This exhibition, which has become a memorial, is today more up to date than ever before. With this humanitarian context, the exhibition was in Palestine, Poland, Italy and Argentina
-> shown : // Self portrait – a show for Bethlehem – a show for peace

: // self ~ imaging for Peace & Humanity
Artists show flag against populism and intolerance

Unique in its kind by the inclusion of artists with various digital artistic media, the memorial is one of the The 7 Memorials for Humanity – a media art environment between 2010 and 2018 by the Cologne media artist / curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne was launched and realized.
The memorial includes contributions from 100 international artists.

The 1 Minute Before 12 Memorial
states, that humanity is not mucvh time left to react on the destruction of the own living habitat. It includes following sub projects

The Rainforest Memorial
had its premiere in 2002 on the Internet. The subtitle – The 5 minutes to 12 memorial – says that the rainforest and thus the lung of our planet was at this time, but also long time before, highly endangered.

Contaminated Progreess
is screening program of 20 artvideos – initiated 2019 for and support an initiative to work towards a plastic free environment.

Wake up! – Climate change!
The project to be published in 2020, 18 years after The Rain Forest Memorial is dealing with the phenomenon of the human made climate change and the basic question, will it be reversible or is it too late, already.

The Wake Up! Memorial

The project was initiated in 2015 by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, in 2017 it became part of the global networking project – The W:OW Project – We Are One World – – later that year it was transformed into “The Wake Up! Memorial”, and in 2018 it became corporate part of the media art context – “The 7 Memorials for Humanity

A provisional statement
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

If art, particularly visual art, is not considered as a matter for its own sake, leaving the artist studio, entering the public space, reaching an audience, art is always political, at least in the actual sense of the meaning of the word “political”. As a communicating medium between the creator and the audience, art becomes subject and object of a public discussion generating public opinion. As a social context establishing communication between a sender (artist) and the audience (recipient), art always has a social and political relevance, independantly from the artistic intentions and the contents to be communicated.

As we perceive it in the Western culture, the phenomenology of art changed during the development of human civilization from a most restrictive, cultic and elitist matter to a mass phenomenon of these days, from an intimate dialogue with a deity until the nearly absolute democratization and anonymization of the current mass society.

The social character of art, respectively the “image” created by an artist was at the same time always also potentially propaganda, when it was ideogically (mis)used by potentates in order to take influence on the individual and the masses. In this way, neither art nor the artist were innocent. The (economically and conceptually) independant artist of the Western societies is a result of the 19th century, when the democratization of art began with the industrialization and its social impakt.

And in terms of a free and independent art, thus if art is not used as propaganda or otherwise ideologically restricted, the real intentions of an artist are rather secondary, while reaching the audience the art work is interpreted individually by each indiviual, nevertheless the messages of visual art are much more concret than non-visual art like music, the visual sense is representing the most prominent sense among the human senses, not only in an evolutionary sense.

The present exhibition to be planned is transporting a political message (see subtitle) pointing to fundamental human and democratic, social and cultural values.

While taking a look on the world map, it becomes obvious that the majority of the world population is not able to share these values, because their living conditions do not guarantee such values, like freedom of expression, freedom of the word, freedom of movement and other human rights, it seems to be rather like that, that human rights are valid only for the privileged (not only in the Western orientated democracies), while the human rights are withheld for all the others, especially the non-privileged (this is also good for the dramatically increasing number of non-privileged in the Western countries)

It is a fact, that the “selfportrait” belongs to the most substantial artistic fomats, because reflecting and critically interpreting oneself is requiring diving deeply into the artist’s own soul.

The “selfportrait” does not only show how the artists see themselves, but also how they would like to be seen by the others. Much more than in any other kind of art format, the artists’ portraits create an “image” of themselves, their own “corporate identity”. they show face “Here I am!”

Since this statement is written at the beginning of the realisation of the exhibition project, it cannot be finally concluded, whether and in which way the participating artists will place themselves conceptually into the context of this exhibition’s humanitarian message.

The exhibition will be featuring digital media only – static, interactive and moving images, soundart and textual statements.

The Wake Up Memorial
self~imaging – artists against Populism & Intolerance
participating artists

Rosary Solimanto, Barbara Hasenmüller, Magdalena Libero, Giovanni Libero, Marilena Karagkiozi, Jem Raid, Sandrine Deumier, Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Nacho Recio, Tim Riley und Georgia Elizey, Luca Nanini, Katina Bitsicas, Roland Wegerer, Olga Guse, Masa Hilcisin, Francesca Fini, Dee Hood, Ekanem Oku, Marie-Suzanne Nourdin, Ronit Coulson, Keaton Fox, Ralph Klewitz, Nenad Nedeljkow, Mohamed Thara, Thomas Lisle, Adrian Lis, Albert Bayona, Zlatko Cosic, Deyan Clement, Letitia Gaba und Samantha Harvey, Roberto Echen, Timo Kahlen, Jasenka Vukelić, Pablo Di Iorio, Wojciech Gilewicz, Liliana Piskorska, Mohammadhossain Maghsoudi, Cis Bakker, Alison Karmel Ramer, Silvana Dunat, Bojana Knezevic, Kateryna Bortsova, Kabaracha Elizey, Muhammad Fajar Shidiq, Wildfilm, Chris Joseph, Christian Immonen, Humberto Ramirez, Christian Rupp, Michael Lazar, Petra Paul, Joanna Shuks, Maria Elena Danelli, Chiara Bertin, Susanne Pillmann, Christine Bachmann, Cezary Ostrow Ski, Monika K. Adler, Waalko Dingemans, Allison Flom, Marion Musch, Avi Dabach, Shelley Jordon, Jens Hauspurg, RS Holtkamp, ​​Oleksiy Gudzovskyy, Amir Kabir Jabbari, Hagen Klennert, David R Burns, Mladen Bundalo und Lucar Bundalo, Shahar Marcus, Rinus Groenendaal, Reinhard Hölker, Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Vince Briffa, Patrick Morarescu, Krzysztof Rynkiewicz, Isabel Pérez del Pulgar, Nouran Sherif und Muhammad Taymour, Neil Ira Needleman, Nico Winz, Lisbo Prada, Johannes Gérard, Stephen Chen, Carla Della Beffa, Mein Name ist Schotte, Raimon Sibilo, Jan Haris, Juan Matias Musa, Karin Till, Ezra Wube, Raine Sibilo, Ausin Sainz, Frances Raboine, Daniel Wechsler, Bruce Eves, YunTing Tsai, Dova Cahan, Sean Burn, Manasak Khlongchainan, Bad Elhamami, Gil & Moti, Barry Douglas Smylie, Shivkumar KV, Salome Mc, Wrik Mead, Ralph Klewitz, Marlieke Overmeer, Anna Ursyn, Jacqueline Dann, Joseph Nechvatal

The AIDS Memorial (2001)
participating artists

Robert Atkins, Antonio Sassu, Michael von Karkowsky, Agricola de Cologne, Eldar Karhalev, Fatima Lasay, John Abrams, Peter Wright, Joey Gilman, Joe de Hoyos, David B. Abbott, Max Greenberg, James Greenwood, Digital Sisters Indeed , Jayce Salloum, Martin Nossen, Jack Pierson, Rick Miller, Bobby Nelson, Jochen Klein, Arnold Kall, Attila Lukacz , Jack Hart, Masami Teraoka, Jim Hodges, Angela McCullough, Peter Hujar, Niels Pfahl, Vincenzo Scarpi, Nicolas Nixon, Nikolaus Utermoeler, Niels Pfahl, Roger Lips, Ferdi Kroll, Elisabeth Olson , Mara Nortrup, Loel Poor, Todd Perl, Hunter Reynolds , Todd Perl, David Woynorowicz , Mary Berridge, Juan Luis Belem, Andreas Fux, Michael Treiber, Marc Morrisroe, Bill Jacobson, Robert Giard Photo Gallery, Maria van Royen, Dean Lance, Danijela, Fid Chinoy, Zsolt Keserue, Mike Haskett, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Gavin Hayward, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Domenico Olivero, Seth Lew, Malale Maswanya, Greg Alayon, Catherine March, Karl Grimes, Beate Zurwehme, kevin parks hauser, Owen Plotkin, Stephen Mead

The Rainforest Memorial 2002)
participating artists

Babel, Fred Adam, Andy Deck, Veronica Perales, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, Christiane BLANC, Paola Michaels, nick barker, Susan Kruss, Jayne Fenton Keane, Meryl Brown Tobin, Yannig Guillevic, Anahi Caceres, NEVENA LJUBISIC, Marco Regalia, Ilse Hilpert , Ruth Wallen, MATT HETHERINGTON, BOZ, Henk Badenhorst, ISABEL ARANDA *YTO*, Clemente Padin, Mona Vatamanu, Florin Tudor, Akinori Oishi

The TSUNAMI Memorial (2004)
participanting artists

Socialist Future, Igor Ulanovsky, Gerald Schwartz, Alan Sondheim , Thomas Jackson Park, Seth Lew, Stephen Mead, mac dunlop, CEZARY OSTROWSKI, Julie Andreyev, Simantha Roy, Mike Wrathell, Lars Vilhelmsen, David Cheung, Eva Lewarne, Robert Ciesla, Colleen Corradi, Sejma Prodanovic, Victor Angelo, Jelena Vukotic, Carla Della Beffa, Wittwulf Y Malik, Giovanni Bai/MUSEO TEO, jody zellen, Wolfgang Peter Menzel, Andrea Polli, Constantine Cionca, sam, Eldad Tsabary, Simon Longo, Nicola Dale, Francesca De Gregorio, babel, Ilse Hilpert, Brigitte Neufeld

self/portrait – artists for Peace
participating artists

Samar Ghattas (Palestine), Faten Nasdas (Palestine), Larissa Sansour (Palestine), Mushon (Israel), Ravit Bechor (Belgium/Israel), Elif Ayiter (Turkey), Norbert Attard (Malta), Roberto Echen (Argentina), Marula di Como (Argentina), Anahi Caceres (Argentina), Caterina Davinio (Italy), Pier Giorgio de Pinto (Italy), Rebecca Hackeman (USA), Jesus Macarena-Avila (USA), Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan), Alla Girik (Kazakhstan), Nicola Zammit (UK), Hervé Constant (UK), Pamela Wells (UK), Marian Delyth (Wales/UK), Olga Neva (UK/Colombia), Mirjana Batinic (Croatia), Vladimir Biga (Croatia), Daniel Milcic (Croatia), Jasenka Vukelic (Croatia), Irena Frantal (Croatia), Romana Jagic (Croatia), SH Majstorovic (Croatia), Petra Brnardic (Croatia), Zeljka Grazki-Galic (Croatia)
Brigitte Neufeldt (Germany), Christa Niestrath (Germany), Kai Pohl (Germany), Agricola de Cologne (Germany), Wolf Nkole Helzle (Germany), Leslie Huppert (Germany), Gertrud Rietmüller (Germany)
Artur Holling (Germany), Gita Hashemi (Canada), Bruce Eves (Canada), Wilton Azevedo (Brazil), Cendres Lavy (France), Carola Blanco (Venezuela), Antoni Karwowski (Poland), Hans Bernhard (Austria)
Irena Paskali (Macedonia), Nitin Shroff (Seychelles Islands), Alison Williams (South Africa), Yolanda Spinola (Spain), Diana Guzmán (Mexico), Marlen Karlen (Switzerland)
Eileen Bonner (UK), Jack Messenger & Chirstinn Whyte (UK), Jen Ross (UK), Cynthia Whelan (UK), Donald Bousted (UK), Michael Szpakowski (UK), Reuben James Preston (UK), Svetlana & Andi Wallwhore (USA), Christina McPhee (USA), Alice Arnold (USA), Clare Ultimo (USA), Vince Briffa (Malta), Agricola de Cologne (Germany), Lee Welch (Ireland), Giovanni Antignano (Italy), Oliver Griem (South Korea), Sinasi Gunes (Turkey), Nita Mocanu (Romania), André Austvoll (Norway)
Jeremy Blank (Australia), Miranda Mutanta (Australia), Johanna Reich (Germany), Theresa Krause (Germany), Ilka Goetz (Germany), Irene Coremberg (Argentina), Hervé Constant (UK), Nate Aldrich (USA)
Lina Persson (Sweden), Carla Della Beffa (Italy), Sonya Rademeyer (South Africa), Melanie Perrier (France), Jimmy Owenns (France), Ane Lan (Norway), Ina Loitzl (Austria), Unnur Andrea Einardsdottir (Iceland), June Pak (Canada), Sofia v. Bustorff (Portugal), Ursula Bachman (Switzerland), Richard Jochum (Austria), Babel (Canada), Raivo Kelomees (Estonia), Tiia Johannson (Estonia), Dagmar Kase (Estonia), Kerstin Mahlmann (Germany), Michael Brynntrup (Germany), Wittwulf Y Malik (Germany), Jody Zellen (USA), Raquel Partnoy (USA), Avi Rosen (Israel), Luigia Cardarelli (Italy), Kiki Lazetic (Slovenia), Angeliki Avgitidou (Greece), Yamanaka Adam Nash (Australia), Andamio Contiguo (Argentina), Enrico Tomaselli (Italy), Ramona Poenaru (Romania), Christian Rupp(Austria)

Mika Nyssönen (Finland), Wolfgang Peter Menzel (Sweden), HARS (Holland), Kahleb Sabsabi (Lebanon/Australien), Eduardo Paz Carlson (Uruguay), Caroline De Lannoy (UK), Sean Burn (UK), Carlo Fatigoni (Italy), Thomas Kusitzky (Germany), Agricola de Cologne (Germany), Sergio Merce (Argentina), Juan Antonio Lleo (Spain), AXIAL -Felipe Julian (Spain), I.J.Pino (Croatia), tobias c. van Veen (Canada)
Cesary Ostrowsky (Poland)
Rainer Krause (Santiago de Chile) – Luis Barrie, Claudio Fernandez Sini, Foro de Escritores (FDE), Ensamble Majamama, Radio Ruido, Mario Soro, Andres Torres, Pintor Z
Melody Parker-Carter – Martin Aaserud (Norway) N.B Aldrich,. & Zach Poff, (USA) Martin Stig Andersen, (Denmark) Andreja Andric (Serbia/Italy), Isabel Arevalo (Spain) Mauro Arrighi (Italy) audio_z (Tautvydas Bajarkevicius) (Lithuania) Sara Ayers (USA), Back Ted N-Ted aka Ryan Breen (USA) Jim Barrett aka NaDa BaBa (Sweden) Leandro Barzabal (Argentina) Becoming Animal, Michael Beijer (Netherlands) Kari Besharse (USA) Rich Bitting (USA) Chris Bors (USA) Donald Bousted (UK), BrailleBones (A.Desjardins) (France) Jackie Bruce (Germany) Mira Burt-Wintonick (Canada) Bibi Calderaro (USA), Callanan, Martin John (UK) Chelsea Cargill (UK) Bronwen Casson (Ireland) Gregory Chatonsky (France), David Chesworth / Sonja Leber (USA) Kyong Mee Choi (S.Korea) Catherine Clover (UK) William Fowler Collins (USA), Herve Constant (UK) Luis Coronado (Guatemala) Jessica Curry (USA) Audhild Dahlstrom (Denmark), Markus Decker (Austria) Paul Devens (Belgium) Linda Rae Dornan (USA) Matt Dotson (USA) Dorsey Dunn USA), Jared Dunne /Meloday (USA) Aniruddha Dutta (India) ELICHEINFUNZIONE – Davide Fabbri (Italy) Heloisa Escudero (Brazil/USA), Fernandez Fernand – Michalak Thomas (UK/France) Flow Ir In (USA) Jason Freeman (USA) Federico Fronterrè (Italy), Satoshi FUKUSHIMA (Japan) Lukas Fütterer (Germany) Gintas K (Lithuania) Matthew Giraudeau (UK), Unclejim – Goard, David & Robinson, Rob (UK) Josh Goldman (USA) Suguru Goto (Japan) Scott F.Hall (USA), Dawn Salvia (USA) Francis Heery USA) Volker Hennes (Germany) PAULO HENRIQUE (Brazil) Ronald J.Herrema (UK), Alex Hetherington (UK) Jeremy Hight (USA) John Maxwell Hobbs (USA) Olaf Hochherz (Germany), G.H.Hovagimyan, & Peter Sinclair (USA) hp stonji (Hans Platzgumer &Jens Döring) (Austria) Le Tuan Hung (Vietnam), Yuicho Ito (Japan) Margaret Jameson aka tinydiva (USA) Paul Jamrozy- Satellitic USA) Neil Kaczor (UK) Mikhail Karikis (UK), Juan Kasari aka 80juan80 (Finland ) David Kasdorf (USA) Kazuo Kawasumi (Japan) James Kelly (USA), Alexander Kharkovsky (Russia) Meri von KleinSmid (USA) Panayiotis A. KOKORAS (Greece) Phivos-Angelos Kollias (Greece), Savvy Krajcek (USA) Caroline de Lannoy (UK) Al Larsen (USA) Gregory Lasserre, & Anais met den Ancxt (France), Dario Lazzaretto (Italy) Le Lavatrici Rosse (Italy) Alan Lechusza aka ARCANUM (USA) Sara Lenzi (Italy), Les Riches Douaniers (France) Tsui-Lun Liu (Taiwan) Stephanie Loveless (USA) Emily Lutzker (USA) Raphael Lyon (USA), Matthew MacKisack, USA) Luigi Mastandrea (Italy) Mike McFerron (USA) Mental Youth aka Robert Kroos (USA), Wolfgang Peter Menzel (Sweden) Jenni Meredith (UK) Jeff Morris (USA) Rie Nakajima (Japan) Ailis Ni Riain (Ireland), Sean O’Neill (USA) Mattyo Ostrowski (USA) Stefano Pasquini (Italy) Stefanos Pavlakis (UK) Debra Petrovich (Australia), Michael Pounds (USA) Peter Prautzsch (Germany) Puccini Marco (OTO) + virgilio VJ (Italy) RijN – Walter van Rijn (Netherlands), Neil Rose (USA) Paula Roush (UK) Rovar17 (Hungary) Robert Rudolf (Slowakia) Grit Ruhland (Germany), Khaled Sabsabi (Australia) Luz María Sánchez (Mexico) Janek Schaefer (UK) Debashis Sinha (Canada) Kenji Siratori (Japan), SonicTrain (Koji Kawai, Rui Ogawa, and Kenya Kawaguchi) (Japan) Malte Steiner (Germany) Peter V.Swendsen (USA), tarofonika aka Rick Foot (USA) Jouni Tauriainen (Finland) Jacqueline Then (Singapore) JEFF THOMPSON (USA), Eldad Tsabary (USA) Tetsuya Umeda (Japan) Peter Wadham/ Susannah Brown (USA) Shirley Wegner (USA) Simon Whetham (UK) Duncan Whitley (USA) Jake Whittaker (UK) Shane Wilson aka Deciduous (USA)
100 artists’ statements – Daniel Young (USA), Mr. Robert Montini (USA), Robin Miller (USA), Richard Ellis (USA), David Crawford (USA), Kristin Calabrese (USA), Michael Crane (USA), Lisa Ndejuru (USA), Doren Garcia (USA), Seth Thomson (USA), Alan Sondheim (USA), C.D. Beltran (USA), Luckywings (USA), Lynne Taetzsch (USA), John Kannenberg (USA), Scott Becker (USA), Lois Klassen (USA), Nathan James (USA), Jubal Brown (USA), Natasha Radell (USA), Jeremy Newman (USA), Dizzy (USA), Sarah Browne (USA), Pace F . Parado (USA)
Mark Wolfe (USA), Carole Loefler (USA), Dr. Hugo (Belgium), Rene Joseph (Belgium), Eric van Hove (Belgium), Eva Lewarne (Canada), Gita Hashemi (Iran/Canada), Barry Smilie (Canada), Wendy Lu (Canada), Graham Thompson (Canada), Julie Andreyev (Canada), Ijosé Benin (Canada), Cyril Duneau (Canada), Garnet Abrahams (Canada), Blair Butterfield (UK), Caterine Daly (UK), Richard Osborn (UK)
Brian Routh (UK), Veronica C. Wilkinson UK), Davon Hlongwane UK), Luna Nera (UK), Nigel Petherick (UK), Maggie Montgomery (UK), Corina Pia (UK), Shaukat Khan (UK), Ann Tracy (UK), Heather J. Tait (UK), X Rokeby (UK), Michael Branthwaite (UK), Luigia Cardarelli (Italy), Carla Della Beffa (Italy), Pino Boresta (Italy), Alberto Frigo (Italy), Boel Olsson (Sweden), Michael Haskett (Sweden), Peter Svedberg (Sweden), Eric B. Petersen (Sweden), Ksenija Kovcevic (Serbia), GORZO (Serbia), Zon Sakai (Serbia), Cecilia Lueza (Italy), Aynil (Italy), Domenico Olivero (Italy), Ida Dominici (Italy), Roberto Echen (Argentina), Leandro Katz (Argentina), Anahi Caceres (Argentina), Francisco Vidal (Argentina), Stella Maris Angel Villegas (Argentina), Cendres Lavy (France), Xavier Malbreil (France), Yavier Pehuet (France), Aikaterini Gregisian (France), Antonio Alvarado (Spain), Alvaro Ardévol (Spain), Klaus W. Eisenlohr (Germany), Marcello Mercado (Germany), Sandra Becker (Germany),Volker Behrend Peters (Germany), Joern Ebner (UK/Germany), RAnders (Germany), Jd.Vd’Aragon Aranita (Hong Kong), Lee Welch (Ireland), Harriet Jamesson Pellizari (Austria), Teo Spiller (Slovenia), Fabian Giles (Mexico), Anthony Leland (New Zealand), gintas K (Lithuania), Sergeij Jakovlev (Russia), Igor Ulanosvsky (Israel), Cezar Lazarescu (Romania), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Andres Yepes (Venezuela), Miss C. Johnson (South Africa), Nitin Shroff (Seychelles), Solveig Kjok (Norway), Ricardo Mirada Zuniga (Nicaragua/USA)