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Open call

Solidarity with Ukraine

Alphabet Art Centre
would like to invite videoartists in a spontaneous action to submit one most recent video (free choice of topic) for a screening progam in solidarity with Ukraine as a signal against war and for peace & freedom – to be screened at The Ukraine Darkroom – please send your video in mp4 HD via Wetransfer together with the usual info – artist-name/email address/bio-max 50 words – video tiitle/year/duration – synopsis max. 50 words – to artvideokoeln (at)
submission deadline – 1 August 2022

Deadline: 1 August 2022
Call for entries

The Violence Project
@ The 7 Memorials for Humanity

The Violence Project
In 2002, the media artist and curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne initiated Violence Online Festival (running until 2006- a networked artistic project starting at the eve of the Iraq war.

20 years later in 2022, it is the right time to re-activate this Violence Project – it is war time again in Europe!

This current war at the Eastern European border is the attempt of some Zombies (the living dead) to keep the illusion vivid violence and the war against the own and other people might maintain the control while human made violence in shape of the Climate Change and the destruction of the living conditions for humans on Earth is out of control. Whether the ancient Soviet and tsarist glory, the misuse of women and children or nature – violence as a human condition has always the same roots .

Art has not the power to prevent violence, but it is able to sensitize people for these fundamental issues by pointing to these roots and their manifestation in a diversity of violence.

The Violence Project
is corporate part of the 7 Memorials for Humanity to be presented im different exhibition formats online/offline.

Artists from all over the world working in audio-visual media (video, soundart etc) are invited to participate and submit up to 3 works.


– deadline: 1 August 2022
– no age limit
– no entry fee
– elegible media –
– video mp4 HD – single channel – max. 10 minutes (exceptions possible) – extracts are not accepted!
– soundart mp3 – max. 10 minutes
– static image (photography, digital images etc) – jpg ( 300dpi),
– interactive image – net based applications (without the use of a plug-in)
– words (poetry)
– submissions may be made exclusively online by using WETRANSFER –
– max 3 works can be sumitted
– creations using language and/or text other than English need English subtitles
– only selected artists will be notified after the deadline and invited to send the selected work(s) in exhibition quality
– The Violence Project is looking for innovative and experimental approaches in dealing with contents and technology

Entry Form – please cut and paste
Please use for each piece to be submitted a new entry form


a) full name
b) full address
c) email, URL
d) short bio (max. 100 words, English only)

please select
2.1 film/video
2.2. soundart
2.3. static – interactove image
2.4 poetry (text

a) title English – original (max 3 works)
b) URL home page, (Internet address for download)
c) year of production
d) duration
e) work synopsis (max. 100 words/submission, English only)
f) 2 screenshots for each submitted work (jpg, HD 1920×1080 px)

Please add this declaration & sign it with your full name & email address
I, the submitter/author, declare to be the holder of all rights on the submitted work.
In case the work is selected, I give – until revoke – The Violence Project the permission to include the work in the project context online and in physical space for screenings /exhibitions and the use of screenshots for non-commercial promotional purposes free of charge. Until revoke means, that the author can remove his work at any time. The work will be removed within 3 months.

Please use for each submission a separate entry form

Please use this email address for submitting
artvideokoeln (at)
and following subject line “The Violence Project

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