The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial

The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial

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Founded in 2012, The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial – is commemorating the genocide executed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

In 2012, the second collection “Cambodia 1975-1979” followed -consisting primarily of documentaries – is dealing with the Cambodian genocide 1975-1979. It is a collaboration between artvideoKOELN international, MetaHOUSE – German-Cambodian Cultural Centre Phnom Penh and DMF @ Royal University of Phnom Penh.

The collection includes videos by young Cambodian film makers educated at the filmschool @ MetaHouse Phnom Penh and Depart6ment of Film and Media @ the Royal university. All videos try to re-establish an own induividual and collective identity by reflecting the genocide all Cambodian families are suffering from.

The film collection isa corporate part of the audiovisual art collections @ The New Museum of Networked Art.

The Cambodia Film Collection

Molyka Bin (Cambodia), DCM – Royal University of Cambodia & students of film department, Neang Kavich (Cambodia), Nico Mesterham (Cambodia), Nico Mesterham (Cambodia)/Mark Hammond (USA)
MetaHouse Phnom Penh (Cambodia) & students of film school, Sopheak Sao (Cambodia), Chhuon Sarin (Cambodia)