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The 7 Memorials for Humanity

Released in 2018, the 7 Memorials Project is a multi-facetted digital media art context located in the Internet – developed, created and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

Based on 7 differently aimed ongoing audio-visual media art contexts, launched between 2010 and 2018, the project is dealing with new forms of commemorating, respectively generating awareness, related to topics that really matter in the currently globally and locally escalating political, social, ecological and cultural situations endangering a free, open and democratic society and Humanity as that fundamental human value, at all.

The Memorial context and its creator are acting as mediators between different parties by demonstrating diversity, eg. activating on one hand artists to articulate and contribute their (artistic) opinion, on the other hand by doing so, activating the audience to use the artistic interventions as the basis for their own reflections.

Each one of the incorporated memorials is rooted on another collection of audio-visual art, which can be experienced online. The Sonic Memorial is the only one using the non-visual medium of sonic art, generating different kinds of associations than the visual medium of video or film: for instance, The Refugee Film Collection, incorporating more than 100 videos from documentary to video art & experimental film.

In total, about 500 contributions by as many artists from about 40 countries give the 7 Memorials project a multi-dimensional character – including & complementing each other: the global, as well as the local: while the online context is available 24 hours to the global community, the individual local manifestation to be realized in an exchange between virtual and physical space in collaboration with worldwide networking partners allow people to meet each other at venues that change their meaning and the awareness related to it by becoming a temporarily limited memorial & space of art.

The main medium is „art & moving images“ – mono channel art films & videos in an hybrid format, allowing to present the works in different presentation formats, eg. screening, projection & installation.

The short films & videos are forming outstanding collections to be presented to an open minded audience, but together with other artistic media like digital static images and the non-visual medium manifested in sonic art – the form also the basis for exhibition installations of different kind, online and in physical space.

The manifestations are realized in the framework of “The W:OW Project” – We Are One World – – a global networking project, launched in 2017.

The 7 Memorials for Humanity

  • The Refugee Memorial – based on – The Refugee Film Collection – why and how become people refugees
  • d/i/light Memorial – based on Shoah Film Collection – dedicated to the victims of Holocaust
  • The Cambodia 1975-1979 Memorial – based on the Cambodia Film Collection – dedicated to the victims of the genocide in Cambodia and elsewhere
  • The Wake-Up Memorial – for an open and free society- against intolerance and racism
  • The Hiroshima // Fukushima Memorial – based on “The Hiroshima//Fukushima Film Collection – dedicated to the victims of nuclear power
  • The iTERROR Memorial – dedicated to the victims of Islamist terror
  • The Sonic Memorial – soundart as a tool for commemorating – collective trauma & identity